Contents in preparation

Ok, so… this blog will be slowly filled with something. This something will be some brainstorming stuff from science/audio/music topics. However, I am planning to go off-topic if something is interesting for me. More in deep, I’d like to publish content about acoustics, electronics and open source, all linked to music. I also wish to publish reviews of Linux distros and software, focusing on the audio capabilities and workflow. I would like to cover also hidden non-Linux operative systems I found interesting, as well as hardware reviews. I am planning to post electronics tips and maybe tutorials… there is something in the back of my head… I just have to find time and inspiration!

Still testing stuff in the meanwhile… here the three dimensional wave equation… just to test the \LaTeX interpreter…

\nabla^{2}p=\frac{1}{c^{2}}\frac{\partial^{2}p}{\partial t^{2}}


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